Handicraft from the Estonian countryside

In our online store you will find a selection of handmade linen home textiles made with care and love in Pääsukese farm. Additionally, we offer ultra-high temperature ceramics made by Kaie Pungas from the Olustvere Manor.

In creating out products, we have focused on being in tune with nature and respecting our surroundings. Our passion lies in offering our customers products that are gentle on the skin and safe for the environment.

Our products: linen home textiles

Beautiful handicraft and the skills required to create it have been admired in our family for generations. To this day, we use linen fabrics, blankets, tapestries, embroideries and lace linings knitted several decades ago. These linen items are still in very good condition.

We are taken by the unique properties of linen – it’s durability, the way it withstands wear, how well it absorbs moisture and how little time it takes to dry. Natural linen fabrics do not cause allergic reactions, they let the skin breathe and are antistatic.

By being familiar with all of these properties by using linen fabrics ourselves on a day-to-day basis, we have decided to share our experiences in using linen in home textile with others.

Our products: ceramics

The author of the ceramics in our online store is Kaie Pungas. Kaie has been working in Olustvere Manor Ceramics Studio for several years, and she is also a teacher of ceramics technology and history in a local vocational school. A lot of Kaie's work is based on custom orders and she also organizes workshops for everyone interested in ceramics.

Years of experience as a ceramist and a teacher make each and every one of her works a true masterpice. The ceramics in our store have been prepared as a special order for the Pääsukese farm.

About us

Pääsukese farm is located in Viljandi County, in the Suure-Jaani Parish, near the scenic Soomaa National Park. In our farm, two generations work happily hand-in-hand – Kati and Üllar, and Janar and Maria. All of us have different interests, know-how and experiences. Together, we come up with interesting ideas that we try and realize, one after another. Our family is united in our love and respect toward the nature around us, and therefore we have chosen to challenge ourselves in a line of work that also aligns with our values.

We hope that you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them!